Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nathan isn't taking a break, he's waiting for Amanda to tell him whether we need this plant or not

We were back at the Korean Daylilys and this time we had a system; we didn't go all willy nilly. Nate read label and dug sometimes, Amanda checked whether we needed the plant, I wrote labels, and Neal cleaned the divisions and put them in flats.

We stayed organized through the planting and record-keeping part of the project as well. Amanda wrote labels, I wrote log pages and followed Pat, Neal and Amanda while they planted. Amanda had the inspiration to plant them around the rocks beside the road near the large weeping Katsura so there's a bit more sense and structure to our planting scheme this time. Plus a good number of the plants will be easily accessible in a relatively small area. And, not least importantly, they'll look good against those rocks and add a repetitive visual element to the garden while in flower. The morning went well!

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