Monday, July 26, 2010

A cold front moved in yesterday afternoon displacing our 100F temperatures: Fern Valley took the hit

The storm only lasted 10 minutes or so but a bit more than half an inch of rain fell and winds up to 75mph took down a lot of trees and enough power lines to leave almost 400,000 households without electricity. As I write this a bit over a day later, half of them are still without power. Wow.

Two and a half big trees and a 10" Cherry. No hardscape seemed to be destroyed but Nathan's wall and the big Robinson bench are going to have to be unearthed, or, more accurately, untreed. A  medium large Oak fell across the stream and a good sized Tulip Poplar growing just inside the trail both fell. The Tulip Poplar took out half of a two-leader Beech and the Cherry. I feel sorry for these guys. Hey, they have a good tree man now.....if they can just keep some trees standing. But seriously, life goes on. I just talked to the irrigation contractors and apparently the trees avoided most of the system; apparently there's one head that might be affected. I expect we'll find out!

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