Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arrrived at the Florida garden yesterday midday

I've not seen weeds like these here before. Apparently we've  been in the tropical "rain most afternoons" cycle but still....I used a dozen bags of "Black Cow", a manure compost mix, this spring, and I wonder if seeds came in with it. The beds are always covered with weeds in the summer, but there are plants here, particularly one 3' spurge, that I don't think I've ever seen. The variegated Bougainvillea beside the carport has exploded, probably because I had given up on it after 3 years of watching it grow cheerfully then defoliate during dry periods. I suspect that if there's as much below ground as there is above ground, it's reached a point where it cm sustain itself through a few months of dry weather. The new Zamia pumila (from April) looks good. Over most of the garden, the weeds are actually so high I can't tell what's going on under them. Anyway, it'll be light in an hour or so and I can get to the weeding. And picking up Palm fronds. There must have been a big wind because dead fronds are everywhere. It's so horribly weedy I don't want to take any pictures yet but I suppose I ought to...

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