Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unidentified Pelargonium, 30 year old Gardenia standard, and Veronicastrum

I got home kind of early and finished my posts before it got dark so I took some pictures in the garden. I don't know what this Pelargonium is, I probably threw the label away when I planted it the first year, but I like it becuse the single flowers take rain better than their fancier double relatives. There's a nice double pink on the other deck but I find myself cleaning it daily and that's not one of my favorite gardening tasks. The Gardenia is a standard; it's lived here as long as we have (~25 years). It winters in the unheated section of  the basement. The Veronicastrum I just got from Lazy S's last year. I've always liked this plant but assumed it wouldn't like dry sand. Pete told me his stock plant lived on a dry embankment so I decided to give it a try. So far  so good though it's admittedly been a moist 14 months. We'll see.

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