Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rattlesnake master, Eryngium yuccafolium, in the Fern Valley Meadow.....and planting miscellaney

I saw them, FV staff and volunteers, from the road a few times and finally stopped to see what they were doing. They were planting various things in the Meadow and Prairie. I see New England Asters and Talinum in the cart and I heard talk of other Composites. Michael stopped long enough to show me the Rattlesnake master they had planted last year.which have since grown into good-sized flowering specimens.I have photographs of us, Joan, Amy, and I, collecting the seed in Alabama a few years back.
Apparently the soil had dried and was like concrete. I'm not complaining about the spring; though some areas are still retaining moisture, others are beginning to get to the point where some supplemental watering will be in order. At least for new plants.

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