Monday, June 21, 2010

Hemerocallis 'Firestorm'

I bought two bare root daylilies from the Daylily Society at the FONA plant sale in 2009. This one and Hemerocallis 'de Colores'.

Daylilies are a great way to add color in one of those "between" periods; in our area they help bridge the transition from the classic garden perennials of May and early June to the "meadow" sorts of perennials: Rudbeckias, Heliopsis, Helianthus, etc. Easily grown in full sun and any soil, excepting daylily rust they are basically problem free. I have always had mixed feelings about them because, while the flowers may be glorious, the plant is often a mess. Conversely, on those cultivars where the foliage stays green and neat, the flowers tend to be run of the mill and uninteresting. Can't have everything I guess. Personally I tend towards the more spectacular flowers and just bury the plants in a border where the foliage can be ignored.

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