Saturday, June 26, 2010

Poliothyrsis sinensis, summer flowering tree in the Flacourtiaceae

When the big Deodar Cedar fell last winter in China Valley, not only did it crush a number of plants, it left others suddenly exposed to full sun that had previously lived in permanent shade. The heat of the last few weeks has started to cause issues on some ferns and gingers. In the fullness of time, shade will return. We've planted a Quercus glauca, an evergreen oak, to fill the footprint of the missing Cedar...eventually. This Poliothyrisis will help a little as it fills out on the side where the Cedar had been (left in the picture). The tree is somewhat over 60 feet tall and growing happily. Relatively new to cultivation it has far surpassed estimates of its ultimate size. It's an attractive tree covered now with trusses of white flowers. I like the leaves which are typical of other representatives of the Flacourtiaceae

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