Friday, June 18, 2010

Look, the plugs are turning into plants at the National Agricultural Library

I stopped by yesterday morning on my way to the Arboretum. Healthy plugs + rain + time = real plants! There's Lovegrass right foreground to center backbround, 'Blue Star' Kalimeris (flowering lightly) more or less to the left of it, Sedum 'Angelica barely visible on the far left, and Rudbeckia behind and beside the  sign itself. Of course that's the Panicum marching soldierly around the perimeter. The plants that most interest me, 'Don's Dwarf' Waxmyrtle, are, at this stage, shorter than the Panicum.

I'm somewhat surprised the Rudbeckia hasn't put on more size; they'be grown into solid little plants but are being outpaced by the Lovegrass and Kalimeris. And the weeds are taking advantage of a cultivated planting bed, as weeds will  do. Fortunately most of these perennials are weeds themselves and once they get a leg up, can hold their own against most competition. Karen Lucas arrived as I was pulling a few weeds and stopped for a minute. She's organized a "weeding party" for this Saturday. It ought to be simple hoeing except that I did see a bit of wiregrass.

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