Friday, June 4, 2010

East Terrace in the morning

I went out on the East Terrace of the Administration Building today to look at the seasonal plantings that went in Monday. They're, as usual, spectacular. Since I'll have to do weekend watering twice this summer, I was glad to see the preponderance of xerophytes.
This Crinum is pretty special.
I walked over to the east edge and looked into the Cryptomeria Walk. The early sun is my favorite light.
The Koi seem to have survived our "roundup" and are as greedy as ever.
Growing in the sw corner of the ramp and the terrace is a colony of Hedychium coronarium, Butterfly Ginger. It'll have large white wonderfully fragrant flowers later in the summer. This is one of those plants that we used to assume wasn't hardy in Zone 7, but seems to come through most winters. It doesn't like to be dry, growing best in moist locations.

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