Wednesday, June 2, 2010

His (Dr. Ackerman's) Camellias may be more well known and maybe more useful, but his Iris are a lot more beautiful!

Dr. Ackerman, of Camellia fame, released a number of Iris ensete selections and we, really Carole, have been working at reacquiring them. The one above is 'Lasting Pleasure"
I can't read the name of this one (above) in my picture, but it's nice. I'll recheck it tomorrow if you really want to know and update this post.
There is no scale, but this is a large flower. It is 'Ack-countable'....seriously. I don't name 'em, I just tell you what I read on the labels.

Amanda, Nate, and I weeded down in the "Central Valley" along the watercourse where we have planted many water loving plants including many selections of Iris ensete. We only planted these plants last year so they have only a handful of blooms, but there are large clumps of more established plants with dozens of flowers. They're all beautiful.


Nicola Moss said...

Very flamboyant, the variegated petals are beautiful.

ChrisU said...

Flamboyant is a much more accurate word than beautiful! I guess its the odd patterns I like!

deborah said...