Monday, May 24, 2010

We finally fixed that cruel curve that 3+ feet of snow left in our favorite Podocarpus

This Buddhist Pine was and is again a wonderful plant; 30 feet tall and graceful, for years it has grown patiently in the shadow of a brash and thoughtless Lacebark Elm.  The snows of February though, bowed it and forced it down at a perilous angle (see top photograph!). We debated and refined our plans to the point where after just a couple hours of work, mostly on Nathan's part, we were able to successfully restore verticality and dignity to a deserving plant.

I volunteered to go on the roof and pulled on a rope tied to the top of the fallen Podocarpus. Chris Carley stood on the ground and, with a long bamboo pole, levered the trunk into final position at which point Nathan, up a ladder, wired the trunk to anchors that Pat had previously placed in the masonry wall, and  Carole supervised. And pruned.

Things went off without a hitch and I got a unique view of the "flying fish" above the Bonsai/Penjing.

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