Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy 50th Birthday Fern Valley

I stopped by to talk with her this morning; it seems we're both the early risers in our respective neighborhoods. She was upbeat and happy about her birthday, and looking forward to the festivities (it wasn't a surprise party). We agreed that 50 is a good age for a garden and that the future looked bright.

We just talked about a lot of things. I guess sharing the same birthday gave us something in common. Anyway I loosened up and told her about this week. We all create our own versions of the world; we try to be objective but sometimes we just don't get it. I have seen this happen to other people: they think they're a part of a group or project, an element, and then something happens. An epiphany, but not a good one and they realize in an instant that in the eyes of the world and the group they don't really matter. I've seen this happen to other people and felt pity, embarrassment, sympathy. Now I suppose I can add empathy to my repertoire. It's hard to know how to feel when it happens to you.  I mean self pity is not a place I go to.

The Garden commiserated while observing that I seemed contented even upbeat. I had to agree. Time goes by and change happens.

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