Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Yesterday we were over 90F, Monday we hit it on the nose and today we're well on our way

The average high temps on these dates are 63, 63, and 64! It's a miracle there are any tulips left that aren't opened flat. After some rain on Thursday temperatures are expected to drop  significantly; highs in the low 60's lows in the 40's. Such is spring.

The good news is that the heat will nudge the Lilacs, so that this should be a good weekend for them and next week as well. We have a good sized nursery with 100s of mature lilacs. It's located along the backside of Fern Valley and fronts on the road across from the Capitol Columns. This is a research nursery, and public visitation is not actively encouraged (except by me), but if you show common courtesy and don't pick the flowers, there's no harm to walking through. It is an incredible spectacle, one that anyone who loves liliacs ought to see at least once.

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