Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ellen is older than I am and not so big but she can move her weight in Crape Myrtles!

I spent some time this weekend assembling ingredients for the installation of a design I did, I think, four years ago. I always say "better late than never." Anyway, there were some large Crape Myrtles in the design and because they really aren't in season right now, I went to my "go to" Crape Myrtle source. Fehr's Nursery and Garden Center is a pleasant medium sized business in Burtonsville Maryland. I like them because they stock Crape Myrtles all year round. Ellen was the only employee when we were there this morning; she insisted on being part of moving the 9' 15 Gallon plants. I dug them out of the beds they had rooted in to and she rolled them to the truck. Well, I think she only rolled one, but I was impressed.

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