Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ilex longipes, Georgia Holly seed has germinated from the Alabama Trip

I'm excited to see these seeds germinating. I've never seen this plant in cultivation and it's a beauty. The literature suggest it likes cool moist limy circumstances, but ??? it's a Holly and it's native to the SE  US. I'm betting it can tolerate some heat and maybe a neutral pH. At least I'm hoping. Hollies don't germinate quickly or dependably so it was great to see more than 10 are up and it feels like only 25% of the final germination. If it turns out to be a plant that will grow in gardens it would be a great addition to our palette.

Playing the conversation back in my mind, I realize that Joan told me last week that this seed had germinated. Nonetheless, I managed not to notice it when I was admiring the Cotinus seedlings. This is a beautiful plant and I remember distinctly collecting the seed. I'm violating my own prohibition on using pictures not taken the day of the post because....well....I took the bottom picture on the trip two years ago. You have to take my word for it without scale, but the fruit is 7-8 mm in diameter. You don't have to take my word for the wonderful color and luster. The habit was a little loose, but the leaves are dark and attractive. This Holly casts a light shadow on the Internet and I didn't see it available from any retail source, but it's the sort of plant that probably is sold in small quantities by local nurseries in its native range (the SE US).

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