Wednesday, January 27, 2010

One of the things Lynn Batdorf wanted to do before he retired was to reopen the scenic overlooks at the Arboretum

Today's project helped him move towards that goal. There were a good number of us on the project and we cut down a lot of interlopers, chopped them up, and transported them to the brickyard. I grabbed this picture because you can see, if you count the two in the mirror, four vehicles in a row: mine, Nate's in front, and the two reflections. We're all on our way to the Brickyard with branches or rounds (pieces of tree trunk).

When you look down Hickey Hill from the overlook, you see part of the DC skyline framed by tall pine trees. The opening is fairly narrow at the top of the hill and widens towards the bottom. Over the years deciduous trees seeded in along the edges and gradually grew into the opening. They both obscured the view, and interrupted the uniformity of the pine forest. Not so much anymore.

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