Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Nathan stands triumphant over a 50' Cherry of suspect parentage

Here at the Arboretum we have a tremendous collection of Cherries. It's wonderful in the spring (that is just around the corner in two months) but a downside is that a lot of pollination goes on, and a lot of fruit develops. Birds eat the fruit, and if they can't find your car, they just deposit the seeds randomly. We all pull a lot of little Cherries every year and I expect being in such close proximity to the Prunus collection exacerbates the problem. If we miss the little seedlings they turn into trees.Tuesday and Wednesday Neal, Amanda, Nate, and I resumed our peripheral area reclamation days working on the wood edge in the Hamamelis collection. We removed truckloads of unwanted trees, shrubs, and vines including a good number of Cherries and I have to say that the view of the Witchhazel collection is much more pleasant today than it was Monday..


Christine said...

And, do I dare ask where Nathanator's eye protection is? I see the ear muffs, but one's eyes are more precious than gold. I suppose he needs to be harassed a bit more...and not just about his cigarettes!

ChrisU said...

Good point. I think that it's attached to his helmet, but I don't see the helmet.