Friday, January 8, 2010

It snowed last night....again....this was a good one as it didn't stick to the streets. Still, I'm really not a winter guy

The sun will rise today in Washington DC at 7:27 as it has every day since December 31. After two more days it will move to 7:26 for four days, then 7:25 for two days and so on. Two weeks from now we will begin to gain a full minute in the morning every day to go with the minute that we've been adding in the evening since Monday. Eventually the days will lengthen enough and the angle of the sun will increase and spring will arrive. Information from Time and Date.Com.

As a part of my obsession with spring, I monitor the average daily high and low temperature. Curiously, after sitting on the same numbers for weeks (42 and 27F) both move up 1 degree F on February 2, Groundhog day.  This data comes from NOAA.

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