Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rose 'Fortune's Double Yellow'....it rained again today

Fortune's Double Yellow, an old China Rose, makes a huge sprawling plant that puts all it's energy into a single explosion of fragrant yellow flowers suffused with orange. Though it doesn't rebloom, I like it a lot...in spite of those thorns, thorns that are so much worse than they look. They're "small but fierce" as Robin Williams said of his....equipment in Death to Smoochie. (a wonderfully quirky comedy with Edward Norton) I think it's that little curve. And they're strong; they don't break off, they rip and tear cloth, flesh, hair, whatever. Interestingly though, and I attribute this to the curve as well, they don't catch leaves at all. Three large shrubs (6-10 feet in diameter) hadn't caught a handful of leaves between them. Adjacent plants, including a couple of roses, looked quite messy, but the 'Fortunes Double Yellows' were clean.

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