Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cranberries are an attractive fruit fresh or boiled in sugar water

I'm cooking today because our family delayed Thanksgiving dinner until my Mother was released from Suburban Hospital's Stroke Unit. She feels fine now so we'll just do everything two days late. There are, of course, a ridiculous number of elaborate cranberry confections, and there will be a selection of them at dinner, but I follow the simple recipie on the bag adding only a pinch of ginger or cloves and some orange slices. I either like to see the fruit, which I do, or I'm lazy, which I am. It's good when you get two for one. 

Cranberries are good Native fruits. About a qurter of the  Fern Valley bog is taken up by three Cranberry plants. The yield is never high, but I have hopes for the future.

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Frances said...

Oh yes. Tremendously lazy.