Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No leaves to the right, no leaves to the left....you will note though, that there are still a few on some of the trees

With a project yesterday and a project tomorrow, we snatched today to do some serious leaf removal. Amanda, Nathan, Neal, and I blew, raked, and manipulated most of the leaves within sight of the road. That's a lot of leaves! We're not out of the woods yet (sic) but we do have the situation well in hand. Can I have one more cliche for the trifecta? I think not. Oops.

Weeding, pruning, leaf removal.....many gardening tasks are the aggregation of 100s or even 1000s of repetitive motions. Because we're always trying to get more done and we always have the same amount of time we look for ways. One good approach is to try to make our movements more efficient. Because we repeat the sam actions so many times, any given refinement in technique is multiplied a thousandfold every day. Shaving microseconds can become an obsession.

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