Monday, November 16, 2009

Just about everybody who ever lifts a shovel was part of the project today.....we worked in the growing area: greenhouses, lath beds, and cold frames

It's a big area and small groups worked at different aspects of the cleanup. One of the major undertakings involved using gravel to raise the level of one of our cold frames. Everybody participated in the rough grading. It's fun to have a "big" group on a project. I think we had more than a dozen people shoveling and raking there. Most projects have 5 or 6 occasionally 7.I've participated in any number of these projects but I am always pleasantly surprised at the amount of work that can be done when you get more than ten.  or twelve people working together. This whole deal; grading, putting down weed fabric, and moving the plants themselves from a polyhouse, took only a couple of hours.

Pat, Nate, Amanda, and I left the conifer cold frame project after the rough grading to clean up our own three lath house beds. We weeded, refilled holes with topsoil, raked the beds, and put down about an inch of leaf compost. I'd be proud to live in one of those beds if I was a plant. Other groups moved our potting area from one polyhouse to another, shifted plants, did general cleanup, and frankly did things I haven't learned about yet. It was a productive day.

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