Sunday, August 9, 2009

Khimaira Farm...this is a garden I have been waiting 10? years to see

I don't have anyone to blame but myself; all I had to do was drive to Luray. Khimaira Farm is the product of my nephew Josh's wife's family, especially his mother-in-law. I've heard about it from it's inception; every time I saw Corina, she updated us on how the garden was coming along, what plants they had, what strategies for overwintering tender bulbs, corns, tubers, etc. I knew it had to be good because this past winter Josh and Corina got the word that there were only two dates left this year for their own wedding and that they had better choose one! Well, they were married yesterday, I feel good about it, and I have a good history of predicting success!

And I finally saw the gardens. Didn't get an official tour; I guess it was a bad day for that! There are several acres under cultivation, adjoining the pre-Civil War family home (and functioning goat farm). Beds and beds were lushly planted with perennials, annuals, bulbs, corms, and tuber. Flowering shrubs, trees, and vines add dimensionality. Throughout there were abundant seats, benches, swings, gazebos, porches,

There have been, and are, restaurants in the Washington area that used/use wonderful gardens as part of their allure. I remember our family occasionally going to the Peter Pan Restaurant on 355 north of Gaithersburg. Not only did they have a pleasant garden, they had peacocks, and peahens I'm sure. La Ferme in Chevy Chase has nice plantings, but nothing on this scale! I always wondered if it weren't possible to do some sort of combination Bed and Breakfast, horticultural education, gardening training/whatever. I don't have the energy but I'm excited to see this garden working and I'll contribute a few new plants next year.

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