Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hot week in Washington

Everyone is dragging a bit this week. We've had the hottest temperatures of the summer. I did the weather this morning and the thermometer claimed 100F as Monday's high temperature. I have my doubts, but that's what it said so I went with it. It was at least in the high 90s as it was today. We are past what is theoretically the hottest part of the summer. The average high temperature has dropped two degrees and the average low one. Within the week they will both drop another degree each. August only seems hotter than July!

The debilitating effects of heat seem to be cumulative within the year. My brain has turned to mush and won't be truly sharp again until sometime in October! It still functions, but at a much slower pace!

As someone who's getting a bit older; I remember when there was no air-conditioning in private homes. I can vividly recall sleepless nights focused on the window screen hoping for a breeze or a thunderstorm. And sweaty sheets, not in the good way, that sometimes drove me onto the hardwood floor where, if it was less comfortable, at least it carried the illusion of being cooler. Anyway in 6 weeks or so we'll begin to have a few brisk clear days between cool nights and summer will be done.

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