Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This time tomorrow (5:20 am) I'll be in North Carolina....we're driving south

It may seem like an odd time to be going back to the Florida house, but we leave tomorrow for a week and a half. I watch the weather obsessively both here and in Florida and its only fractionally hotter there than here. Which is sort of disingenuous I suppose; that 10 degrees F from 85 to 95 is a killer! Still, the rainy season began in May and will likely extend to or through October so this is the time to plant. Other than a lime, Agave geminiflora, and Echeveria runyonii 'Topsy Turvy'. I've got nothing. I'll go by a few Florida Native Nurseries, and look for inspiration among the scrub plants.

Actually, this is the best time to go down. It has been raining for almost three months so the plants will look good. At least they will once the weeds are removed from on top of them. I have it on good authority from multiple sources that, while the lawn service is keeping the grass and paved surfaces beautiful, the beds are somewhat frightening. Hey, in April when the world is wonderful here in DC, Central Florida is at the end of a 6 month drought. It's always depressing; there are always dead plants. This trip there'll just be live weeds!

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