Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Colquhounia coccinea....this is an interesting shrub from the Himalayas

With wooly leaves, and orange flowers. At least in theory. I can see buds forming (click on the picture and look closely in the middle) so I'll know for sure within the month. Hey, I just like the leaves. Research tells me that this is an "evergreen" Zone 8 shrub. Well, in China Valley, we're growing it in Zone 7 and we had a legitimate winter last year, and so far as I can tell almost all the plants regrew from the roots. That officially makes it a dieback shrub. We'll continue to monitor it and my experience with this sort of plant suggests that there will be a year when nobody resprouts, but things look optimistic now.

I'd grow it just for the leaves. The felting, the veining, and they mostly come in whorls of three. I don't have to admit this but I will. Online research tells me that the foliage is aromatic, which is a characteristic I value highly....I just didn't notice it! Oh well. I'll check them out on my return. And when it flowers I'll post the location.

If you Google it, you'll find a few sources, one of which is Annie's Annuals and Perennials. I have no relationship with any retail establishment. I notice that I tend to keep citing a few. Except for the occasion order I make to them they don't know I exist. If I keep mentioning them it's only because they work for me, so I'd like to keep them in business!

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