Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trillium catesbaei, Rose Trillium...very pretty, variable, late-flowering

Trillium cuneatum, Sweet Betsy, is our earliest Trillium; I posted it April 3 this year and it was well into its second week by then. The Rose Trilliums are peaking now in the second week of May. Six+ weeks of flowering Trilliums is a good season.

T. catesbaei, is a Southeastern Trillium that grows in a variety of habits and is relatively easy of cultivation though it doesn't seed about with the enthusiasm of say T. grandiflorum or cuneatum. These plants are in a small population in Fern Valley. They are above the trail beside the stream a bit downstream from the steps to the new platform. Some of the variation in flower color is the result of aging, but variability is a part of this plant and the flowers range in color from white to quite dark rose.

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