Saturday, May 16, 2009

Polygonatum cirrhifolium: okay this isn't the most spectacular plant in the world, but I really like those "prototendrils"

"Epiphyllic prototendrils"???!)

Hey, this is a tall plant, some of ours are approaching 5' and the season is early, with thin stems. It could be easily flattened by wind, rain, and or gravity so it works its way up through more rigid vegetation, clinging with those cool tendril-tips. It's another Chinese plant and our are located in China Valley alongside the path on the first inside curve as you descend from the top. I constructed a light bamboo structure, sort of tall wickets, to help support the plants.

This is yet another plant without a wealth of information readily available regarding it. The Flora of China suggests the stems reach a height of 90 cm.; ours are a good bit taller than that now. It's not a Tree Peony but it is interesting and has a certain grace.

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