Saturday, May 9, 2009

Interested customers study Mike Bordelon's selections at the Beltsville Garden Club May Sale

Pretty much all the Garden Clubs had sales today or at least it seemed that way! They're a great way to get both workaday garden plants and the odd unusual item. Prices are usually good and there is some expectation that the plant will be hardy if someone local dug it out of their garden! I bought a Crinum, powellii, which ought to be hardy anyway but hey, there were half a dozen pots so I know the plant has survived here at least a few years! I've actually grown Amarcrinum powellii for quite a few years and I guess the Crinum is the hardier of the two parents of that bigeneric cross.

Other plants I bought: Asphodelus damascena; Jasminum parkeri (that I have somehow lost over the years); Chirita 'Kazu' (a curious Asian Gesneriad whose hardiness I am not quite understanding)' Aster 'Jindae'; Sarcostemma sp., a tropical scandent member of the Asclepidaceae, one of my favorite families!; and Agastache rugosa who seems no longer to be residing in the Adelphi garden and needed to be replaced.

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