Monday, May 4, 2009

Drosera filiformis, Cornus canadensis, Sphagnum sp., et alia

It seems like it's been raining for a week and it has off and on: good weather for bogs! The Fern Valley Bog seems particularly happy. Cornus canadensis, Bunchberry, is no special feat for those of you who garden in USDA Zone 6 or lower, but it is a considerable triumph here. This plant has been in the peat for two years and seems to be making it. The Threadleaf Sundew is almost a weed; it seeds throughout the small bog. There must be 200 or more of them. The Sphagnum is slowly closing in the open areas that Cranberry hasn't already co-opted. Actually, if you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see a small strand of Cranberry and a little rosette of Aletris farinosa.

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