Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lazy S'S Farm Nursery exists only in virtual reality so far as shopping is concerned, but we conned our way in for a look!

On our way to the Garden at Whilton we realized we were passing by Lazy S'S Farm Nursery, an internet/mail order nursery that pretty much specializes in plants rare, newly introduced, or great old standards that aren't easily available anymore. They're heading into their 40th year and have done no retail from the site since 2006. We wheedled our way in just to see the location and met Debby and Pete Sheuchenko and Maya and Katie (see middle picture). We only took the time to see about half of their houses, but I saw dozens and dozens of plants I had to have. As I write this I'm looking at a printout of what I just ordered: 11 plants!

Pete reminded me that one of our interns at the Arboretum last year was an alumna of their nursery. It took me a minute or so to remember who Amanda was but I quickly realized that she had worked for Brad in the Introduction Garden. As soon as I placed her I remembered that no intern (I'm serious here....I know I do exaggerate occasionally but this is Gospel) had ever impressed me so much with their detailed knowledge of uncommon and choice plants. Pete tells me she has a remarkable memory, quickly learning the plants, their descriptions, characteristics, and their location at the nursery! The latter was a particularly useful skill in the greenhouses; Pete declared her the fastest "picker" (order puller) ever.

I couldn't believe anyone so young could possibly discuss plants the way she did. I actually remember telling her after her final presentation that I was sorry I hadn't recognized her knowledge earlier. I think at that point she had about 2 days to go! She was one of a good bunch of interns last year. This year's have begun to appear and they seem like they'll be great too!

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