Saturday, May 30, 2009

Got my order from Lazy S'S Farm Nursery and planted most of it!

Sonja Behnke Festerling (Albert's, the founder's, daughter) used to talk about her "cardboard garden" (pots in beer boxes) referencing the result of too much buying and too little planting. Jim Dronenberg has, in my experience the most extensive "container ranch" that I have ever seen, and it's full of wonderful plants! About five years ago I resolved not to go down that road again. I've done fairly well at it. If I put something in where I know it really can't stay forever I console myself with the thought that I will reconsider a site and move it. It's interesting how we can tell ourselves lies we know are lies and accept them anyway. Still, in my garden of limited watering, they are much safer in the ground than on the baking deck. The older I get the more good habits I seem to develop????

I planted most of these plants today. The Phlomis, Jerusalem Sage, is a wonderful shrubby mint with fuzzy grey foliage and cheerful yellow flowers. I had it for many many years and one spring it just turned black. I'm putting this one in the same spot under the (considerably taller at 15') Yucca rostrata. Hedychium greenii, a root-hardy ? ginger with wonderful red leaves will go beside the front stairs in back next to Hedychium coronarium, the Butterfly Ginger. Gladiolus 'Carolina Primrose' goes in front by Thuja Rhinegold; the buttery yellow will be nice with the golds and yellows of Rhinegold.....

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Jim Hughes said...

This was my first year ordering from Lazy S'S Farm and got great service and plants. I'm most excited about the Hesperaloe parviflora, Rehmmania elata and Bletilla striata 'Innocence'. All arrived safely and are thriving.