Thursday, March 5, 2009

Solanum mammosum...I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and all I got was this a T-t Plant!

I'm trying to keep in tune with the spirit of the economy so I didn't buy as much this year as I usually do from the vendors at the show. I swear it wasn't the label that attracted me to this plant; it was just a plant I had never seen before. A quick internet search revealed a number of other names equally off-putting: ti--y plant and nipple fruit linger in my memory. I do admit the fact that it is a shrubby gourd that produces fruits resembling goat udders....well that was intriguing. The owner of the booth recommended sneaking it into my neighbor's garden and waiting, but that's not going to happen. The only other plant I did buy was yet another narrow-leafed Agave...geminiflora. I have a number of this type of Agaves in the Florida garden; Yucca Do says this one is their favorite.

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