Monday, March 2, 2009

Flying Dragon (Poncirus) is poised to eat the flamingos, but they're so miserable they don't even care

Well, we waited until March to have a snowstorm, actually since it didn't snow last year I don't even remember how long we've waited. Big flakes are falling thickly at 7:30 AM. The forecast suggests that accumulation is over, but, judging from the radar it looks like we'll get a few more inches.

The snow has come just in time to protect the newly emergent foliage of bulbs and early perennials. And the pansies that I see going in all around town. Tonight's temperatures are forecast to fall almost to single digits, so this snow will prevent a good bit of burning. The ever optimistic evergreen daylilies are particularly susceptible to these late cold snaps. There would have been no permanent injury in any event, since we haven't had an extended warm period to push things ahead of schedule....still, it's nice to avoid cosmetic damage! Apparently we'll be back in the high fifties or even the low sixties by the weekend. March is a roller coaster.

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