Friday, February 20, 2009

Fern Valley: the railings are here, the end is in sight

The railings are going in now, so we can walk across the bridges without worrying about falling off! They will be the final phase in more than a year of construction. The new tool shed still has to be installed, and there is still a punch list of details to be attended to before the Collection can be reopened but all the major work has been done. Installing the tool shed is a relatively non-invasive procedure, should only take a week or two, and won't require closing the entire Collection.

David Robinson designed the railings and is personally involving himself in their installation. He is a craftsman, artist, and the founder of Natural Edge, a company that specializes in the design, construction, and installation of rustic structures and furniture for gardens and public institutions. It's worth taking a minute to look at the project photographs on his website. All the designs are customized for the individual sites and they use long lasting woods without preservatives. The railings in Fern Valley are Eastern Red Cedar, and will have Osage Orange detailing. All of Fern Valley has been closed for the last phase of trail-building, but it begins to look like it will be open for Spring. That's a good thing.

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