Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Planting Project at the Capitol Columns

Monday is project day for the gardeners at the National Arboretum, and yesterday we planted several thousand perennials at the Capitol Columns: 40 flats of Amsonia hubrechtii, narrow-leafed bluestar, and 32 flats of Schizachryum scoparium, little bluestem. Both of these plants are natives of the Eastern United States, and both have great fall presences.

When the planting is completed it will contain 3 taxa this year, and two henceforth. We planted two perennials and will later plant an annual grass from South Africa, Melinus nerviglumis Pink Crystals. A hot season grass, Pink Crystals, will help fill in the planting until the Amsonia and Schizachryum, mature.

In an effort to "randomize" the effect, we started by "tossing bunches of the plants into the air. If you maximize the picture, or have really good eyes you can see the plugs distributed (thrown) over the area waiting to be planted. Some rearrangement was necessary but I think the effect is good overall. It will be fun to watch the small plugs grow into mature plants.

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