Friday, March 28, 2008

On the Purpose of Gardens w/ Before Photo

This week, Karen and they boys have been installing a design on Capitol Hill; for the area, it is a pretty good-sized corner lot. One of the owners sent an email yesterday to tell us how pleased were and how wonderful it was to come home from work every night and find new things......Hey thats what gardening is about. And spring. You don't have to install a new plant every day to be able to regularly have something new happening! The garden does the work.

The plant list for this garden ran to two pages of smallish type so there are a lot of taxa and much diversity of form, texture, size, color, seasonality; there are flowers most of they year, potentially all year if this winter repeats itself. There are evergreens with and without winter color. There are grasses with winter presence. There is a wide range of flower form and color. Even in the middle of the city, with the aid of their small pool and diverse plantings, they ought to be able to attract an interesting insect flora: dragonflies,damselflies, butterflies, fireflies, ladybugs, moths. I hope there is enough time in their lives to slow down and appreciate what they have done.

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