Monday, September 4, 2017

Favorite Seasons Evolve

Who'd have ever thought late summer would become my favorite season?! Of course summer was my favorite as a child; hey, schools out. Not late summer though; schools coming. As I began to garden fifty odd years ago of course I loved spring. The return of green from the bleak dreariness of a mid-Atlantic winter.We don't do snow that much but we do clouds and rain. Rebirth, spring bulbs, all the flowers. Wow! At some point, I deserted spring, though we stayed friends, and transferred my affections to fall, where they stayed until the intellectual apprehension that fall inevitably led to winter soured my passion.

For those of us who grow bananas, cannas, giant aroids, palms, the new coleus, ... late August and early September which used to be a miserably hot, interminably long, prelude to fall became something to look forward to. I still love the garden in spring, and I'm looking forward to fall, but this is as good as it gets. Go figure!

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