Friday, July 31, 2015

Gomphrena x 'Pink Zazzle' This is not your grandmother's gomphrena.

And I do think of gomphrena as a grandmother's plant. But not this one! Many of my favorite plants are gray leafed, xeric, small, with pink flowers. Pink isn't my favorite color but I love this combination. And look at those hairs; Spiro would say it was hirsute. Plus the leaves are stiff and the plant is nicely branched, almost a symmetrical mound when grown in its own pot.


Casa Mariposa said...

I love gomphrena and grow it from seed every year. I saw the new Zazzle at the garden center but assumed it was packed with pesticides so I left it. I hope seeds come out soon and that it's not propagated only by tissue culture.

Mr Bill said...

Very nice picture and good choice for your garden. Do you know which zones this plant is best in?

Huong Nguyen said...

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