Friday, March 15, 2013

If you look around a little bit there are flowers out there

Edgworthia chrysantha, Scilla, Prunus mume 'Okitsu-akabana'

And many of them are fragrant. When left this afternoon, the Magnolia denudata were one the edge of flowering. The cool, wet weekend may hold them up but it won't hurt the buds. It's going to be fun from here on in.


Caged Canary said...

Beautiful, I love the post title too. I think we all too often forget to notice the flowers, which is such a shame. I know I will certainly be making more of an effort from now on. I'll be making more of an effort to stop and smell them too :)

Love Vintage? Love Romance? Love Fairytales? Love Caged Canary..

MulchMaid said...

Haven't seen a post here in awhile, Chris. I'm hoping things are okay out there, and it's just a busy summer for you!

Anonymous said...

where is this place?
I like to go to this place with my love

dienhoa10h said...

hoa dep
hoa, hoa tuoi, dien hoa