Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adonis amurensis opening

These adonis have been wandering slowly around the Japanese Woodland at least since the early 1990's. They're dependable in early February; I like to thing they are harbingers of spring but truly, they'll flower under two feet of snow. Last year the volunteers, Julie and I can't remember who else, dug three clumps and transplanted them to a location close to Hickey Hill Road under the Acer henryi in the bed across the grass from the parking area. Anyone walking or driving along the road will be able to see them. I'd forgotten about them until today. I went in search of them and there they all were. This is the biggest one. Eventually, years from now, they'll produce a colony that'll be easily spotted. For now they're it's a kind of a subtle effect.


MulchMaid said...

That is a striking color. Does it really look that intensely chartreuse?

ChrisU said...

It opens more yellow.

dienhoa10h said...

hoa dep
hoa, hoa tuoi, dien hoa