Tuesday, December 4, 2012

We went to Broookside Gardens to see their holiday display

Their yearly light display, "The Garden of Lights" started the day after Thanksgiving and goes through the sixth of January. We always go; it's a tradition. It's wonderful every year. They have pretty much totally converted to LED's. That's good because they're brighter, use much less power, and allow for colors like blue and purple that were never done very well with incandescent bulbs. This blob is a monster they've had for years but they completely redid the colors. I didn't capture the blue very well; it's incredible. And they've done a number of trees in blue. It's always fun. They display in the conservatory included a train setup which included this model of a train setup inside a model of the conservatory. Kids love it and since I'm just an older kid with a gray beard, I liked it too.

They provide live music in the visitor center and we always try to go when Jim Dronenberg is harping. The music was beautiful; it occasionally bordered on the irreverent and approached the risque. Children loved it intuitively.....I can only hope some of the literal content was over their heads.

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