Monday, November 12, 2012

This is a test....will rain fall in Washingtn DC today or tomorrow?

Correct. "No" is the right answer; just because this contiguous line of rain stretching from mid-Gulf of Mexico to....say the Arctic Circle is moving inexorably east doesn't mean Washington DC will get rain. At some point, predictably but inexplicably, an opening will form and the rain will flow to the north and the south of the city leaving us relatively dry.

I apologize if I sound resentful, hey we don't even need rain and I know much of the country does. It's just fascinating to me that this can happen over and over again!


shenandoah kepler said...

Those damn Appalachians! Seriously! But isn't the weeding good?

ChrisU said...

It's excellent. I was inspired to do quite a bit of gardening this weekend. It was a joy.