Friday, November 9, 2012

Camellia 'Winter's Cupid' (white) and 'Winter's Fire' (pink)

The fall camellias are beautiful this week. If you're near DC and you've got an hour or so, it'll be a great weekend to see the Camellia Collection. These two are Arboretum releases, hardy through USDA Zone 7. They aretwo of the many hybrids created by Dr. William Ackerman to extend the range of camellias north.


MulchMaid said...

Nice! Wish I could pop over for a visit. Great to see the sun, as they always look lovelier when they don't get hammered by rain. Do you know if they're any relation to Camellia 'Winter's Snowman"?

ChrisU said...

Winter's Snowman is another Arboretum introduction. It's also an Ackerman hybrid. You're right; we are having perfect camellia weather. Not too hot, not too cold and no rain!