Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The turf is dead and the signs are being removed

"Power Plants"is dead; long live "Grassroots". Or at least for four years. We are replacing the biofuels exhibit with one on turfgrass. I'm on the design team and we're moving forward nicely. Turfgrass has been demonized of late. We're going to look at things from a scientific viewpoint, after all, that's what we do in the Agricultural Research Service. Many of the issues with grass are really issues with maintenance: too much fertilizer at the wrong time, unnecessary prophylactic applications of fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides. The wrong choice of mowers there is a wide range of "green" mowers that don't put out pollutants at a rate equal to an automobile. Many homeowners with small lots are opting for a manual reel mower; there is a wide selection now available. In all areas of the country, native grasses that require minimal inputs are being researched and developed. We will address these sorts of issues. Try to keep an open mind.

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