Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rosa chinensis mutabilis....I love this rose

For the life of me I can't understand why no one produces it. Ours are on their fourth flowering, they're fragrant, they're clean, and they change color. What more could a rose do?

Like most/all? disease resistant roses, they will accumulate a bit of blackspot on their older parts. I usually just cut them back hard every two or three years and that gets rid of the problem. I cut one of our plants back about two months ago and it's now a bit over 3 feet tall and flowering. You gotta love it.

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Rose Petals Nursery said...

Hi Chris,

Your blog posting today made us smile here at Rose Petals Nursery. We grow this rose and yes we have them for sale. Please visit our website to see the complete availability listing in stock now and check back often. We are bring out new stock often from our mist house and transition areas! All the best, Cydney