Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Korean Hill grooming, Sotdae installation, and delicious Korean lunch

Young Choe, of kusamono fame,  organized a Korean/American volunteer project today. Volunteers came from Lynchburg Va., Long Island New York, Fredricksburg Va, among other places to weed, prune, and groom Korean Hill. They generated debris at a rate that almost exceeded Katie and my ability to drive it to the brickyard and dump it! Plus one volunteer, Mr. Yoon, brought four traditional Korean Sotdae which he generously donated to the collection. They are on display now, visible to anyone who drives or walks on Hickey Hill Road through the Asian Collections.

Many beds were groomed to perfection, the Sotdae were installed, and we finished with a wonderful Korean meal.

Young sent me these last two photographs. I'll attribute them when I find out who took them.

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