Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Corlopsis, Loropetalum, Magnolia, and Lindera; spring comes at us left right left right...

We are in the warm and fuzzy part of spring, as opposed to the cold, wet, and dreary. We approached 80F today which would have shifted us into "hot" spring. Nobody likes that; it shortens the bloom time of everything and causes stress on plants and gardeners alike. I guess I would have to say though, that it beats a blizzard .

The yellow shrubs, one mid left, and the other all the way down in the middle of the photo, are Corylopsis. The USNA has one of, if not, the top collection in the west. I am very fond of these shrubs and have been using them in designs for years. Given enough space they are graceful, heavy blooming, fragrant, shade tolerant additions to the early spring garden..

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