Thursday, February 23, 2012

Late February behaving as mid-March continued.....Magnolia x Loebneri 'Neil McEacharn' & Prunus x 'Okame'

Warm weather continues here in DC. I don't think we hit 70F today but I didn't hear any complaining. All 6 volunteers came in and we kicked some...we got a good bit of work done. We cleaned up nicely around the GCA Circle, removed dead wood from Japanese Maples, cut back many Epimediums, pulled much cress (mostly Nancy with much help from Angela), removed a few plants that were visually complicating areas, transplanted some Adonis amurensis to a site where it's visible from the road, and enjoyed the day and the garden. I've been wanting to move some of the Adonis since....forever. The only plantings were in the middle of the collection and most people don't even get out of their cars in January when it flowers. A lot of people do walk the roads  though, and now there's the beginning of a colony visible from Hickey Hill Road.  Next week we're going to start on our major project of spring 2012 which is to select attractive groundcovers from withing the collection, dig portions, and move them to China Valley where there isn't enough groundcover. We need them both for aesthetic reasons and to make it more difficult for weeds.

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