Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We're sliding down the inevitable slope to winter but there are still some good yellows

From the top: Sapindus saponaria drummondii; Ginkgo biloba; Lindera obtusiloba; Asparagus cochinchinensis

Sapindus is
a wonderful small tree. Drought tolerant, disease and pest free, and it always seems to assume an attractive shape. The architecture of trees is important. Here in the US, we generally, present company excluded, tend to plant our trees then let them grow/go their own way. Every garden culture is different; some, present company included, start pruning when from the time the tree is planted and decreasingly but regularly until it's no longer in our care. Our goal is to produce a perfect specimen of whatever individual we're working with. We want the Platonic Ideal out of the cave and in the garden. The plant becomes then, a product of our conception and execution. To be a good gardener requires a large component of ego! Anyway, Soapberry is a tree that tends not to need a lot of pruning, a tree that can be trusted to reach maturity without a lot of input from us gardeners.

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